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The Happiest Ghosts on Earth

March 4, 2015

Ghosts of DisneylandDisneyland and Disney World are home to more than just actors in stuffy costumes and thousands of exhausted families—there are “grim grinning ghosts” around, too.

George, the Ghost That Haunts The Pirates of the Caribbean

According to Disney World lore, “George” was formerly a worker who helped build “The Pirates of the Caribbean” in the 1960s and died in a construction accident and never left the attraction (presumably because The Haunted Mansion was full). A legend among “cast members” who work in the ride claims that if they don’t greet the ghost every morning or tell him good night at closing time, he’ll cause it to break down. Others say that George also gets very upset if anyone denies his existence out loud within the attraction’s interior. One guest even claims to have captured a photo of the cantankerous ghoul.

The Spirit of Walt Disney

While Uncle Walt was alive, he spent many nights in an apartment above the fire station on Disneyland’s Main Street. In his honor, a lamp forever shines from the apartment’s window…except for when it randomly turns off and on, a phenomenon that could only be the ghost of Walt Disney. Another legend claims that a park employee once went into the apartment to clean it. She turned off the lights on her way out and was supposedly told by a mysterious voice to keep them on. “Don’t forget, I am still here,” the voice told her. Disney’s ghost has also reportedly been spotted in his old park office and New Orleans Square.

The Rambunctious Residents of the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is definitely the most mythologized Disney attraction, in part because many guests have attempted to spread the ashes of cremated loved ones there. It’s become enough of a problem that the park has an elaborate cleaning procedure to remove ashes that are successfully dumped. Are those departed people still sticking around…as ghosts? The number of alleged actual ghost sightings on the ride about ghosts are numerous, but security camera footage from 2009 depicts something departing the mansion after closing, strolling through New Orleans Square toward the dock for the Mark Twain Riverboat.

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