Latest Scoop in Bathroom News

March 3, 2015

Here’s the latest poop. Uh, we mean scoop.

A Modest Request

Mount Everest BathroomMt. Everest is not the headline-making achievement it once was—more than 700 people scale the peak each year. Among the hazards they face are avalanches, frostbite, altitude sickness, or simply falling off. Add to that list: human waste. The naturally occurring biological waste left by so many people each year is adding up, because it doesn’t go anywhere. The mountain is so cold and the soil so rocky that poop doesn’t biodegrade very fast, or very much at all. Mt. Everest is in Nepal, and the government has stepped in. Climbers now must agree to bring 18 pounds of garbage—including their own waste— with them when they come back down the mountain, or they lose a $4,000 deposit.

Bathroom Psychic

The worst part about having to go #2 is that it can literally happen at any time without any notice, and without any sort of warning at all from your body. Oh, that doesn’t happen for you? Well, then D Free is not the device for you, lucky human being with a fully functioning, responsive digestive tract. The user of a D Free inputs their dietary habits and regular bathroom habits (such as most common times one, uh, goes). Then they hold the white, podlike device against their stomach, and the D Free will predict with reasonable accuracy a countdown clock to when a toilet will be required. Makers say the product is targeted toward people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other medical conditions that diminish poo-predictability.