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Hulk Smash! 3 of The Incredible Hulk’s Best Live-Action Battles

April 30, 2015

The Incredible Hulk TV seriesThe Avengers: Age of Ultron reportedly includes an epic battle between the Hulk and Iron Man. But will it stack up against these memorable throwdowns?

A 1981 two-part episode of The Incredible Hulk TV series follows Bruce Banner as he travels in search of or another person who may be grappling with the same mysterious affliction that causes him to transform into a gigantic green monster whenever he gets angry. Banner finally manages to track down a character named Dell Frye who, sure enough, turns into an evil, Hulk-like creature. Then Hulk smash. Fun fact: Evil Hulk was played by actor/stuntman Dick Durock who would go on to star in the cult classic Swamp Thing.

In the 2008 big-screen The Incredible Hulk, Edward Norton played Bruce Banner alongside a CGI version of the green monster. During the film’s climactic moments, Banner jumps out of a helicopter and turns into the Hulk before doing battle with an insane monster called Abomination. The pair proceed to destroy a large chunk of Harlem during a six-minute battle before Hulk smash.

A substantial portion of The Avengers features an epic battle in the middle of Manhattan. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) calmly rolls into town on a motorcycle before turning into the Hulk and punching his way through the lower intestines of a gigantic flying beast from another planet. The battle features many memorable “HULK SMASH!” moments but fans love a brief clash between him and Loki. Upon encountering the not-so jolly green giant in Tony Stark’s penthouse, Loki declares himself a god and calls Hulk “a foul creature.” What happens next? Hulk smash.

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