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Your Tax Dollars at Work

April 14, 2015

Tax Dollars at WorkAs you pay your taxes, just think about all the neat things they’ll help pay for.

  • In 1789 the total U.S. federal government debt was $190,000.
  • The IRS estimates that $20 to $40 billion are lost to tax fraud every year.
  • In 1952 Albert Einstein called income taxes “the most difficult thing to understand.”
  • There are 284 bathrooms in the Pentagon.
  • There are 412 doors in the White House.
  • Sixty-five percent of all paper bought by the federal government is used by the Defense Department.
  • Taxpayers spent $57,000 on gold-embossed playing cards for Air Force One in 1992.
  • The U.S. government spent $277,000 on “pickle research” in 1993.
  • The United States spends $40 billion a year collecting “intelligence” from around the world.
  • The Pentagon spends $8,612 every second.
  • The Pentagon spent $50 million on Viagra for American troops and retirees in 1999.
  • George W. Bush’s 2001 tax cut added 14,368 pages to the U.S. Tax Code.
  • NASA spent $200,000 on a “sanitary napkin disposal unit” for female astronauts in 1992.

For hundreds more fun facts, check out Uncle John’s Extraordinary Book of Facts and Bizarre Information.

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