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Strange Beer News Stories

May 27, 2015

Beer can often lead to a lot of weird news stories, but these weird news stories are actually about the beer.

Such Convenience!

Tooth Bottle OpenerWhen you play rugby, your teeth are going to get knocked out. It’s simply a workplace hazard in a very violent and aggressive sport. At least when it’s all over, you can hit the pub and knock back a few cold ones with your teammates. But why wait? Cerveza Salta is a brewery in Argentina. As a publicity stunt, it fitted several local rugby players with some new dental appliances: bottle openers in their jaws where there were teeth before they were claimed by rugby. Now, all those rugby players have to do to get a beer open is stick it in their mouths and pry. (Ironically, if you tried to do this with your teeth, and not a metal opener installed in your mouth, you’d probably lose a tooth.)

Pretty Beer!

As if beer wasn’t great enough, it might be able to make you appear more youthful and more attractive. Collagen is a natural substance found in the human body that makes skin more elastic, but it dissipates as a person ages. In Japan, many women take collagen supplements in liquid or powder forms to restore what time has taken away. Suntory, a Japanese brewery, introduced a much more interesting way to take collagen: Precious. It’s a beer with five percent alcohol per can…and two grams of collagen.

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