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3 of Thailand’s Weirdest Tourist Attractions

June 30, 2015

Thailand is a wonderful country with lots of gorgeous scenery, great food, and strange stuff.

Kitty Resort Phu Ruea (Loei)

This resort is devoted to Hello Kitty, or at least a cute feline knockoff of the Japanese cartoon icon. Nearly everything at the resort is colored pink, from the bed sheets to a three-story windmill. Visitors can hang out at the resort’s all-pink coffee shop or take a stroll through the all-pink garden. There are also pink cars available for rental emblazoned with kitty decals.

Suan Peung Flintstones Resort (Ratchaburi)

This odd resort is all Flintstones. Many of its bungalows are shaped like various characters from The Flintstones. In addition to a two-story-tall Fred, lodgers can stay in an elaborate cabin shaped like Dino and take a nap inside the adorable lizard’s head. You can even get your photo taken in a life-sized recreation of Fred’s foot-powered automobile.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Park (outside Bangkok)

A while back, a group of monks at this monastery decided to build a small Hell-themed amusement park to teach other Buddhists all about the consequences of misbehaving in the mortal realm. It’s just one of the country’s many “hell gardens” and visitors can have picnics in front of all sorts of pretty grim sculptures and displays. The park, which features a colorful “Welcome to Hell” sign at the entrance, is filled with depictions of tormented souls getting tortured in all sorts of ways that are too gruesome to print here. Despite the graphic nature, it’s still a popular spot for family outings, if you can believe it.

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