Weird June Holidays

5 Weird June Holidays You Ought to Celebrate

June 1, 2015

It’s June, which means it’s time to celebrate Bathroom Reading Month (with an awesome giveaway) and these other iconic holidays…

Weird June HolidaysJune 2: National Bubba Day

This is a day for the uncouth, rough-around-the-edges, crude and crass fella to call his own. Honor the Bubba in your life, be he the kind of guy we just described…or your grandmother. “Bubba” is also a Yiddish word meaning “grandmother.”

June 4: Old Maid’s Day

It’s not a very nice thing to say to an unmarried woman, but at least “old maids” have an unofficial holiday of appreciation. (It originated just after World War II, to encourage soldiers to get married.)

June 11: National Corn on the Cob Day

Even though corn is still being planted in many areas in June, and will be harvested weeks from now in other areas, this day in June recognizes corn on the cob. (Although it’s pretty well celebrated at cookouts on the 4th of July as well.) It’s a big deal in Plainview, Minnesota, where they have a National Corn on the Cob Day parade.

June 13: Sewing Machine Day

This day commemorates the invention of the electrical and mechanical sewing machine, which revolutionized industry and the way clothes are made and sold. (Celebrate by throwing down your needle and thread and sewing something by machine, we suppose.)

June 15: Smile Power Day

Advocates of this holiday encourage you to smile. Why smile? Because you’re happy, first of all, but they say it can add years to your life, improve work and personal relationships, and if you’re not feeling happy, it can make you happier.