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7 Weird Beers

June 11, 2015

Beer is made from barley, water, yeast, hops…and whatever other weird ingredients craft brewers feel like throwing into the mix.

  • Weird BeersIn 2015, Pennsylvania craft brewer Spring House released a beer based on an old childhood standby: Lil’ Gruesome Peanut Butter and Jelly Stout. (It’s not for children, of course.) This follows up the brewer’s Christmas 2014 limited edition hit Satan’s Bake Sale, a mint chocolate chip-flavored stout.
  • Ghostrider BeerPametto Brewing Company of Charleston, South Carolina, produces Ghost Rider, an American pale ale. But it’s hardly pedestrian, nor is it particularly refreshing. That’s because it’s spiced with cherries, and also smoked ghost peppers, which have a Scoville heat rating of about 1,000,000 units. Palmetto recommends the beer be served with smoked meats and a glass of soothing milk.
  • Across town, Holy City makes a porter called Notorious P.I.G. Each small batch is brewed with 40 pounds of bacon to give it that salty, meaty, porky flavor.
  • Magnolia Brewing of San Francisco makes an Oysterhead Stout. It’s brewed with pounds and pounds of actual oysters.
  • Kung Pao Brett BeerSun King Brewery of Indianapolis makes a beer that tastes like…well, we’re not sure. Its Kung Pao Brett is made with wild grown Brettanomyces yeast, along with pineapple and Szechuan peppercorn.
  • Wicked Weed Brewing is based in Asheville, North Carolina. One of its most recent (and most popular) creations is the Coolcumber Ale, made with cucumbers. (Maybe this is a good one to drink right after the ghost pepper one.)

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