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8 Pairs of Famous People Who Have the Same Name

June 26, 2015

No relation…other than having the same name and getting famous.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway (b. 1555) was married to William Shakespeare for 34 years and when he died was willed his “second-best bed.” Anne Hathaway (b. 1982) is an actress who won an Academy Award for Les Miserables.

Anne Hathaway

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen (b. 1930) was a tough-guy actor who starred in classic action movies like Bullitt and The Great Escape. Steve McQueen (b. 1969) is an artist turned filmmaker who directed the Best Picture-winning 12 Years a Slave.

Steve McQueen

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson (b. 1956) served as a judge on American Idol for a decade and was once the keyboardist for journey. Randy Jackson (b. 1961) is the youngest of the Jackson brothers, and when the family band changed its name from the Jackson 5 to the Jacksons in 1975, he joined up.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (b. 1958) was the self-appointed “King of Pop” and recorded Thriller, the bestselling album of all time. Michael Jackson (b. 1942) wrote some of the first books that took beer seriously, such as The World Guide to Beer and Michael Jackson’s Beer Hunter.

Michael Jackson

Paul Simon

Paul Simon (b. 1941) has had success as a solo singer/songwriter, and with his duo, Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon (b. 1928) represented Illinois in Congress from 1975 to 1997, and ran for president in 1988.

Paul Simon

Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright (Buried Child) and actor (as Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff). Sam Sheppard was an Ohio doctor possibly wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife, and the inspiration for the TV series The Fugitive.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins (b. 1890) was a major figure in the Irish independence movement. Michael Collins (b. 1930) piloted Apollo 11 to the moon and back.

Michael Collin

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor (b. 1949) is the drummer for the British rock band Queen. Roger Taylor (b. 1960) is the drummer for the British rock band Duran Duran.

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