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Doughnuts 2.0

June 5, 2015

Happy National Doughnut Day! Here are a few bakeries that are committed to creating weird and wild next-generation doughnuts.

National Doughnut Day


If you walk into a chain doughnut shop, you’re probably getting a doughnut that’s been sitting in a display case for hours. At Gourdough’s in Austin, they’re served straight from the fryer and with a knife and fork (so patrons don’t burn their fingers). Among the offerings are Porkey’s, a doughnut stuffed with Canadian bacon, cream cheese, and pepper jelly; and the Baby Rattler, with fudge-covered Oreos and gummy snakes. In addition to their original location in an old Airstream trailer, Gourdough’s operates two cafes that serve doughnut sandwiches, doughnut burgers, and chicken and doughnut dumplings.

Voodoo Doughnut

Among the items available when the first location of Voodoo Doughnut opened in Portland in 2003: a Pepto Bismol doughnut and another coated in NyQuil-based frosting. The FDA forced Voodoo to take those off the menu (you can’t mix food and medicine), but no matter, because Voodoo also serves Frisbee-sized glazed doughnuts, jam-stuffed voodoo doll doughnuts, and doughnut-flavored beers. Its maple bar topped with crispy bacon has spread to hundreds of doughnut shops around the world.

Psycho Donuts

The website for these two unusual doughnut shops in the Bay Area claims that Psycho Donuts is the “world’s first and only asylum for wayward doughnuts.” Proprietor Jordan Zweigoron’s commitment to smashing down the boundaries of what we thought we knew about the breakfast treats is definitely to be admired. To date, proprietor Jordan Zweigoron has served pizza doughnuts, taco doughnuts, and even sushi doughnuts. More traditional sweet doughnuts include a Nutella-sstuffed doughnut and Boston Scream Pie—a Boston cream pie doughnut with a frosting skull on top.

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