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The Time it Takes

June 18, 2015

It takes the average bathroom reader one minute and fifteen seconds to read the average page of a Bathroom Reader. Here are some more examples of how long things take (or took).

How Long Does It Take To...?.05 second for a human muscle to respond to stimulus

.06 second for an automotive airbag to fully inflate

.2 second for the International Space Station to travel 1 mile

.46 second for a 90-mph fastball to reach home plate

.6 second for an adult to walk one step

1 second for a hummingbird’s wings to beat 70 times

1.25 seconds for light to travel from the moon to Earth

3 seconds for 475 lawsuits to be filed around the world

4 seconds for 3,000,000 gallons of water to flow over Niagara Falls

10 seconds for 50 people to be born

20 seconds for a fast talker to say 100 words

58 seconds for the elevator in Toronto’s CN Tower to reach the top (1,815 feet)

1 minute for a newborn baby’s brain to grow 1.5 mg

45 minutes to reach an actual person when calling the IRS during tax time

4 hours for the Titanic to sink after it struck the iceberg

4 hrs, 30 min to cook a 20-pound turkey at 325°F

92 hrs to read both the Old and New Testaments aloud

96 hours to completely recover from jet lag

7 days for a newborn baby to wet or soil 80 diapers

19 days until baby cardinals make their first flight

25 days for Handel to compose “The Messiah”

29 days, 12 hrs, 44 mins, and 3 secs from a new moon to a new moon

30 days for a human hair to grow half an inch

35 days for a mouse to reach sexual maturity

38 days for a slow boat to get to China (from New York)

12 weeks for a U.S. Marine to go through boot camp

89 days, 1 hour, for winter to come and go

91 days, 7 hrs, 26 mins, and 24 secs for the Earth to fall into the Sun if it loses its orbit

258 days for the gestation period of a yak

1 year for Los Angeles to move two inches closer to San Francisco (due to the shifting of tectonic plates)

2 years for cheddar cheese to reach its peak flavor

4 yrs, 8 mos to receive your FBI file after making the appropriate request

6 years in a snail’s life span

25 years equals the time the average American spends asleep in a lifetime

33 years was the life expectancy of a Neanderthal man

69 years for the Soviet Union to rise and fall

95 years to count to a billion

100 years for tidal friction to slow Earth’s rotation by 14 seconds

1,800 years to complete the Great Wall of China

500,000 years for plutonium-239 to become harmless

45.36 million years to reach the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, in a car going 65 mph

1 billion years for the sun to release as much energy as a supernova releases in 24 hours

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