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If You Win the NBA Finals…

June 8, 2015

…somebody will do something silly, crazy, wonderful, or all of the above!

For the chocolate

NBA Finals BetsTim Brady spent most of his childhood in Cleveland. That was in the early ’90s, the last time (pre LeBron James) that the Cleveland Cavaliers were contenders, led by all-star guard Mark Price. Since 1997, Brady has kept a Mark Price Candy Bar in his freezer. He has vowed to eat if if the Cavs win the NBA finals this year. (Price even responded to Brady via Twitter: “The taste was built to last. I hope you get to eat it!”)

For the wine

Like a lot of other celebrities, rapper E-40 (real name Earl Stevens) has his own line of wines. Grown from grapes in his Napa vineyard, Earl Steven Selections’ Mangoscato is a sweet Moscato with mango notes and a whopping 18 percent alcohol content. Napa isn’t far from Oakland, where the Golden State Warriors plays. E-40 told the media that if the Warriors win the NBA Finals, “the whole team will get as many bottles of my Mangoscato wine as they want until next season begins.”

For the needy

The mayors of the cities of teams playing in sports championships traditionally make a wager involving local food specialties. Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson reportedly declined Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf’s wager (he’s supposedly very superstitious about the Cavs and doesn’t want to jinx anything). Instead, the city’s food banks are squaring off in a fundraising drive. The Alameda County Food Bank and the Greater Cleveland Food Bank each hope to raise at least $5,000 by the time the NBA Finals conclude. (The director of the losing food bank will congratulate the other food bank in a Facebook video…wearing the colors of the winning team.)

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Osyris Murray
Osyris Murray
December 19, 2015 2:20 pm

I really hope my cousin (Josh Howard) comes back to play.

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