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6 More Weird July Holidays You Ought to Celebrate

July 20, 2015

If you’re not still too tired from the Fourth of July and Canada Day, there’s always…

Weird July Holidays

July 20: Moon Day

This one isn’t such a weird holiday: It honors what is perhaps humanity’s greatest achievement: traveling to the moon and back. It was on this day in 1969 that the “Eagle” Lunar Module touched down on the moon, and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took a few giant leaps for mankind.

July 24: Amelia Earhart Day

Earhart was an American hero and pioneer of early flight. She’s also the subject of one of the most famous missing person cases in history. In July 1937, on an attempt to fly around the world, her plane disappeared, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. She was never found. (Today marks the 118th anniversary of her birth.)

July 25: Thread the Needle Day

It’s a very proactive and dramatic name, but this is simply a little holiday to spread awareness and encouragement of knitting, sewing, and other fabric-based hobbies.

July 26: Aunt and Uncles Day

Everybody has that “crazy aunt” or “weird uncle” or “cool aunt” or “fun uncle.” Did you know that your parents’ siblings have a day to themselves, just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day? Give your aunt and uncle a call.

July 27: Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

It’s just an unofficial holiday encouraging people to go for a walk. Why the pants? It’s unclear…but it’s always a good idea to wear pants when you’re going out in public.

July 31: Mutt’s Day

Who needs a purebred anyway? Dogs whose parents don’t have papers are just as awesome (maybe even more so) than the ones who do.

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