7 Weird Facts About This Year’s Emmy Nominations

July 16, 2015

The awards for TV’s finest will be handed out in September, here’s some weird trivia about the nominees.

Emmy AwardsModern Family was nominated for Best Comedy Series for the sixth time in six years. If it wins, it will be its sixth straight win, which would break the record of five set by Frasier (1994-1998).

Mad Men could set a record, too. With 37 acting nominations over its eight-year run, it would go down in history as the show with the most acting nominations to never win an acting award. (Star Jon Hamm is a favorite to win this year, however.)

Tina Fey created Best Comedy nominee Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and is nominated for Guest Actress in a Comedy. It’s the first time anyone has ever been Emmy nominated for a guest appearance in a show they created.

Orange is the New Black is a little bit of a comedy, and a little bit of a drama. Last season, it was nominated for Best Comedy Series. This year, it’s competing in the Best Drama Series category. It’s the first show to ever contend in those opposite fields.

It’s the first time that 8 actresses were nominated for best supporting actress in a comedy. The category is supposed to have six, but owing to ties in the nomination round, there are eight.

All TV comedies used to use laugh tracks. Today, only a handful do. Result: This is the first time in Emmy history that all the nominees for Best Comedy Series are laugh-track free shows.

Tatiana Maslany earned a nominated for Best Actress in a Drama for portraying multiple characters (they’re clones) in the science-fiction series Orphan Black. Maslany joins Gillian Anderson of The X-Files and Lindsey Wagner of The Bionic Woman as the only sci-fi lead actresses to be Emmy nominated.


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