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Some Sweet Surfing Slang

July 10, 2015

Now that you know all these surfer slang terms, the only thing stopping you from going surfing is the ability to surf.

Surf Slang

Boneyard: where the waves break, or crash down to the point where they can be surfed.

Soup: the foamy white water after a wave breaks.

Ankle slop: waves too small to surf.

Cruncher: A large, hard-breaking wave that folds back over on itself and is almost impossible to surf.

Honker: a big, surfable wave.

Off the Richter: a particularly excellent wave

Eat it: to fall off, or wipeout.

Gremlin: a young, novice surfer.

Hodad: a non-surfer.

Probros: amateur surfer derogatory term for professional surfers.

Gandalf: an old, wise surfer.

Dawn patrol: early-morning surfers.

Goat boat: a jetski and its rider using up all the good surfing waves.

Meatball: a “no surfing flag.” Traditionally, these flags were yellow with a solid black circle in the middle.

Humpback: a double wave that can be surfed by two people at the same time.

Having a Neptune Cocktail: to accidentally ingest a large amount of seawater.

Reef rash: getting cuts and scratches from coastal reefs.

Beef jerky: reef rash.

Depth charge: when a surfer is too far away from shore and needs to make a #2…they go for a depth charge.

Delammed: short for “delaminated,” or when a fiberglass surfboard becomes so old and used that the foam core is poking through the top, making the board slippery and hard to stand on.

Wettie warmer: to pee in one’s wetsuit to make it a little warmer.

Noah. Short for an Australian rhyming slang term, Noah’s Ark, which means…shark.

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