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The Week in Beer News

July 24, 2015

All the latest news about brews, brought to you by Uncle John’s Beer-Topia.

Beerhemian Rhapsody

Queen Bohemian LagerThere are lots of beers named after musicians (or brewed with the cooperation of musicians), including ones inspired by Motohead, Smash Mouth, Wilco, and Slayer. The classic rock band Queen is getting one, too. To celebrate the anniversary of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” arguably the band’s best-known song, bottles of Queen Bohemian Lager will carry an image of Queen’s album A Night at the Opera, which spawned the song. The beer is brewed in a region of the Czech Republic once known as…Bohemia. The taste and style of the beer: “golden hoppy.”

Can of Joe

There are fewer bigger sports heroes in Pennsylvania than the late Joe Paterno, who coached the Penn State football team for decades (before being dismissed for mishandling the Jerry Sandusky scandal). Nevertheless, Pennsylvania is beer country, home to Rolling Rock and Latrobe City Brewing, the latter of which is coming out with a line of Joe Paterno Beer. The first, the canned Joe Paterno American Lager, hits stores when college football season starts in the fall.

Joe Paterno American LagerBeer Belly 2.0

What gives all of those thick, rich, and pleasantly bitter craft brews their unique flavor and smell? More often than not, it’s hops. The plant is loaded with taste, and has medicinal qualities—it contains phytoestrogen which fights insomnia, menopause, “shy bladder syndrome,” and other uncomfortable conditions. Researchers have also determined that hops can help milk production in lactating women (so long as they don’t take the hops in the form of beer). However, studies also confirm that mass consumption of hops, such as in regular beer drinking, can lead to increased breast size…in men.

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