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3 Travel Destinations For Horror Fans

August 31, 2015

Do you like scary movies? Are you trying to plan a last minute summer vacation? Here are some spots that could make your next road trip terrifying (in a good way).

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House

Much of the original 1974 film took place in a Victorian house in Round Rock, Texas. It’s still around but, appropriately enough, it was diced up into six pieces and moved to the grounds of a Kingsland, Texas, hotel in 1998 and converted into a restaurant called The Junction House. (On display: a life-sized dummy of Leatherface, the movie’s evil slasher.) It closed in 2012, but reopened as a similar eatery called The Grand Central Café.

Chain Saw Massacre House

Timberline Lodge and The Stanley House

Located on the slopes of Mount Hood in Oregon, Timberline Lodge was used during the filming of The Shining. While all of the interiors were actually sets constructed at a movie studio in England, the rustic lodge appeared in several exterior shots in the film. (That means it’s much smaller than the insanity-causing one in the movie, and there’s no room 237.) However, some people even claim that it’s haunted by the spirits of skiers and climbers that have died on Mount Hood. There’s also a small display about the film located in the lodge’s museum. If you’re looking for the hotel that inspired the book, it’s called The Stanley House and it’s located in Estes Park, Colorado. It was used during the filming of a late ‘90s miniseries version of The Shining but, ironically, that’s not the version that the hotel’s guests get to watch. For years, the proprietors have aired Kubrick’s adaptation on an endless loop on channel 42 in all the guest rooms.

Timberline Lodge_The Shining

The Paranormal Activity House

The first Paranormal Activity movie was a huge hit back in 2007 and its fifth sequel is due in theaters this October. The original was filmed inside director Oren Peli’s actual four-bedroom house in San Diego. He claims that the film was inspired by a few very weird paranormal incidents that happened to him while he was living there. After its release, even the house’s pool cleaners hated setting foot on the property. The house was put up for sale last winter and was quickly purchased for about $750,000.

Paranormal Activities House

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