5 Famous Politicians With Musical Talent

August 24, 2015

It’s not just Bill Clinton wailin’ on the sax on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Bernie Sanders

Famous Politicians With Musical TalentLongtime Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is a long-shot to win the 2016 Democratic nomination for president…but he does have that music career he can fall back on. In 1987, he recorded a five-song album called We Shall Overcome. All of the songs are covers of famous folk and protest songs, such as “This Land is Your Land” and “We Shall Overcome,” and it was sold in Vermont to benefit local charities.

John Ashcroft

Attorney General and former senator John Ashcroft has written a lot of inspirational songs, but in 2002, he performed one of the them live at a meeting of church leaders. The song: “Let the Eagle Soar.” Three years alter, a performer from The Lawrence Welk Show performed the song at the second inauguration of Ashcroft’s employer, President George W. Bush

Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander is a Tennessee senator, and he ran for president in 1996. He also plays the piano. When 1950s pop singer Patti Page re-recorded her hit “Tennessee Waltz” in 2007, that’s Tennessee’s own Alexander playing the piano.

John Huntsman

Stay in school…unless it’s to rock. Such was the educational path of Utah governor and diplomat John Huntsman. In the late 1970s, he dropped out of high school to devote more time to playing the keyboards in his progressive rock band, Wizard. (The band fell apart, and he went back to school.)

Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd represented West Virginia in the Senate from 1959 until his death in 2010—51 years, the longest tenure in Senate history. During one of his early campaigns, he campaigned as Fiddlin’ Robert Byrd, playing West Virginia-style “old time music” to constituents. In 1978, he recorded a whole album of bluegrass called Mountain Fiddler.

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