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The Latest In Poopy Pet Products

August 18, 2015

Would you like to get something a bit more exciting than a chew stick for your little fluffy-wuffy?

Poopy Pet ProdcutsTwinkle Tush

Lots of people love to dress their pets in cute outfits. If you find your feline’s “nudity” offensive and can’t convince them to wear pants, you may be able to get them to settle for this compromise. The fine folks at Twinkle Tush have created a dazzling device that will cover up kitties’ naughty bits. For just $6, their product can be hung from your cat’s tail to prevent them from, literally, showing their rear end. A quick head’s up though: while the designers have managed to get their cat Vladimir to wear a Twinkle Tush and pose for photos for their website, they say it’s intended as a gag gift. Your own kitty may claw every piece of furniture in your house if you make them wear one.

Doggie Diapers

Believe it or not, there are a variety of different types of diapers for dogs. Pet owners and veterinarians say they’re a great idea for untrained puppies, canines that suffer from submissive urination, older dogs, and furry friends who simply can’t stand doing their business in a backyard or on a newspaper. Most offer a hole for tails and have tabs instead of tape, which can easily stick to fur. Are these diapers right for your dog? It really depends on their temperament. Some pooches can’t stand them and immediately begin trying to tear them off. The creators of Happy Jack Dog Diapers say that they’ve come up with a solution to this problem: non-slip straps that fit just under the neckline. They came up with their product after becoming frustrated with Hercules, their Jack Russell Terrier, who wouldn’t stop peeing in their house and always figured out ways to escape from more conventional doggy diapers. Just what your dog wants—a diaper that encompasses its entire body!

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