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Sports Trivia: Wrestling Lingo

August 12, 2015

Can’t get enough pro wrestling? Well, if you want to sound like a “real” pro, you have to know the special lingo. Here’s some sports trivia to help you out.

Wrestling Lingo Sports TriviaFace (noun). A “good guy.” (Wrestlers with pretty faces are often cast as good guys.)

Heel (noun). A “bad guy.” Someone who cheats and breaks the rules to win.

Feud (noun). A grudge match, frequently between a face and a heel.

Turn (noun or verb). When a heel changes his persona and becomes a face, or vice versa.

Potato (verb). To injure a wrestler by hitting him on the head or causing him to hit his head.

Stiff (adjective). A move intended to cause real injury.

Run-in (noun). Intervention in a match by an audience member or other nonparticipant.

Blade (verb). To intentionally cut yourself with a hidden piece of razorblade in order to produce “juice” (see below).

Juice (noun or verb). Blood. Usually caused by blading.

Job (noun). A staged loss.

Post (verb). To run someone into the ring post.

Hardway juice (noun). Blood from an unintentional injury.

Heat (noun). The negative reaction and booing from the crowd at a fight.

Pop (noun or verb). A sudden positive rise in the crowd, such as when a popular wrestler makes his entrance.

Bump (noun). A fall or other move that results in the wrestler falling out of the ring.

Jobber (noun). A wrestler who does a job—he’s hired to lose to the featured wrestler. Also known as redshirts or PLs, short for “professional losers.”

Clean job (noun). A staged loss that doesn’t involve illegal wrestling moves.

Screw-job (noun). An ending that isn’t clean—someone, usually the heel, wins by cheating.

Shoot (noun). The opposite of a job—one wrestler really is trying to hurt another.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Sports SpectacularThis article first appeared in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Sports Spectacular. Check it out for more sports trivia.

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Derryck Wayne McKenna

A potato is a punch that fully connects instead of being a pulled punch.
Heat is the negitve reaction (booing. or outright hatred) thatcthe heel gets. A pop is the positive reaction(cheers, and or love. that the face gets

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