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3 Guys Who Lost Their Heads

September 14, 2015

Guy Who Lost Their HeadsFeel free to share these heady tales. Maybe they’ll help you get to the head of the class or….okay, we’re all out of head puns.


This Native American leader valiantly defended his people’s lands during the Apache Wars, and died from pneumonia in Oklahoma in 1909. His body was buried in the nearby Apache Prisoner of War Cemetery but, if rumors are true, it’s been missing its head since World War I. Geronimo’s grave was supposedly robbed by a group of young army volunteers, among them Prescott Bush (father of President George Bush). The group allegedly made off with Geronimo’s skull, supposedly currently on display within the “tomb” of Skull and Bones, the secretive student society at Yale. In 2009, several descendants of Geronimo unsuccessfully sued Skull and Bones to retrieve the skull. But where’s the skull? A spokesman for Fort Sill claims the robbery story is only a legend and that the skull never left Geronimo’s grave.

FW Murnau

The classic horror film Nosferatu is the most famous work by the German director, who died in a car crash in 1931. He was buried at his family’s plot outside Berlin, until a few fans broke in and stole his skull earlier this year. Many are speculating that the suspects could be deranged cultists or just some really macabre fans. Meanwhile, the cemetery’s administrators are currently debating whether or not to set up a security system to protect the director’s gravesite.

Timothy Leary

Leary was one of the most controversial figures of the ‘60s and ‘70s. His outspoken political views and experiments with hallucinogens led to President Richard Nixon dubbing him “the most dangerous man in America.” In 1988, Leary announced that his body would be cryogenically frozen upon his death, which he reconfirmed as he was dying of prostate cancer in 1995. After he passed, a strange 1996 documentary called Timothy Leary’s Dead included scenes of his body being prepared for the process and its head being removed. The whole thing was an elaborate prank, but it tricked lots of his followers. Leary’s body was actually cremated but some of his ashes were later “buried in space” in 1997 on a rocket alongside the remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

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