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The War on Poop

September 9, 2015

We recently told you about various the worldwide fight against public urination. Well, here’s story #2.

The Portland Pooper

War on PoopThis stinky culprit has developed a habit of dropping his doodie outside of an office building in downtown Portland, Oregon. After recently discovering several pieces of human waste in the parking lot, the owner of a nearby shop decided to do something about it. They placed a camera in a window and, a short time later, the Pooper showed up again, this time with toilet paper. Photos of the suspect now adorn posters that have been placed throughout the surrounding neighborhood. Portland police are currently in the process of trying to track him down and put an end to his reign of terrorizing turds before he strikes again.

San Francisco’s Poop Patrols

In addition to worrying about light poles collapsing after being corroded by urine, the residents of San Francisco also fret about encountering public poopers. The city has been contending with a huge homeless problem for decades and this means that many people use its streets as toilets on a daily basis. It’s become such a problem in the downtown area that officials are now increasing what they call “poop patrols.” Residents can report incidents and workers for San Francisco’s Public Works department will do their best to clean up the mess within an hour, so long as it’s between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Crews with steam-cleaners will spend more time washing the area’s streets while other teams will focus their efforts on unsanitary homeless encampments. Meanwhile, $3 million in public funds has been set aside to hire 18 workers to hose down San Francisco’s 80 most often “targeted” alleyways.

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