Three Homes Inspired By Pop Culture

September 25, 2015

Most fans of television shows or movies watch them a few times or buy a tie-in T-shirt. For the dedicated devotees that own (or once lived in) the following abodes, that just isn’t enough.

The Munsters House (Waxahachie, Texas)

Charles and Sandra McKee love The Munsters. That’s why they made a replica of the monstrous manor featured on the ‘60s sitcom. It took them around $345,000 to design a 6,000 square foot house that includes an old organ and mannequins of Herman and Lily Munster. Each room closely matches up with the ones from the show right down to the fake cobwebs and creepy curtains. There’s even a sculpture of a dinosaur with glowing eyes that pops out of a staircase, like the one that lived in Grandpa Munster’s dungeon.

Munster Mansion

The Simpsons kitchen (Calgary, Alberta)

Marcia Adreychuk and Joe Hamilton transformed their kitchen so that it looks just like the brightly-colored pastel one where Marge Simpson cooks Homer Simpson far too many pork chops. They got a $20 countertop to match the blue countertop on the show as closely as possible, as well as matching yellow and gray tile. The green stove and oven was accomplished with green contact paper. Even the utensil holders match, and so do the lavender cabinets and blue knobs.

The Meyers House (Hillsborough, North Carolina)

Kenny Caperton and Emily Currier are pretty infatuated with Halloween, the 1978 horror movie that put the nearly unstoppable killer Michael Meyers on the silver screen for the first time. That’s why they decided to build a replica of the house featured in the film. Caperton got the idea after he visited the original, which is located in South Pasadena, California. It’s since been featured in a few TV shows and horror movies. The couple also hosts an annual “Halloween bash” every October for fans of the film and its many sequels.

The Myers House

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