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3 Crazy Halloween Events

October 28, 2015

Still looking for a way to celebrate the most ghoulish holiday of the year? Then you may want to check out one of these totally bizarre events…that aren’t for children or the faint of heart.


Nightwatchers – London (October 28th – November 7th)

The Tower of London was once used as a castle but it was converted into a prison in 1100. It held some of the UK’s most nefarious criminals over the following 850 years. Nowadays, tourists flock there from all over the world to tour its dark corridors and catch a glimpse at the Crown Jewels of England, but the tower will also host this creepy event at the end of the month. Nightwatchers attendees will get to participate in an immersive theatrical show devoted to modern horrors like massive state surveillance, terrorism, and spy games. The British “nanny state” might not be as traditionally scary as vampires and zombies, but tickets are nonetheless going fast.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios – Los Angeles (through November 1st)

The event features a maze filled with rampaging actors dressed as zombies from The Walking Dead. If you’re not a fan of the undead, the park is also hosting five more mazes with Hollywood-worthy props and decor based on movies like This is the End and Halloween. There’s even a spooktacular tram tour based on The Purge.

The Blood Rave – New York City (October 9th)

If you missed this event, remember that it is never too early to plan for next year. BBQ Films hosts elaborate parties based on films like Back to the Future and American Psycho. Now they’re setting their sights on Blade, the 1998 vampire movie.

The film opens with a large group of vampires dancing at a monstrous rave that features loud electronic music in addition to a sprinkler system filled with human blood…which ends when vampire hunter Blade (Wesley Snipes) shows up and kills most of them. BBQ Films will re-create this bloodbath (with fake blood).

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