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5 Deliciously Heart-Stopping Football Stadium Foods

October 16, 2015

We’ve covered insane baseball park food before, but now it’s football season. The food is still insane.

Met Life Stadium

The New York Jets offer a “Jumbo Jet” line of concessions, and it’s not just a clever pun. One item is the Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel. It’s a gigantic, pizza-sized bagel topped with half a pound of ham, a pound of chorizo, a pound of sausage, four eggs, four slices of cheese, and potatoes. It costs $50, but the Jets suggest that it serves four to six people. (It also comes with a free gigantic Jumbo Jet Pretzel and a gigantic Jumbo Jet Sausage.)

Heinz Field

The home of Pittsburgh Steelers sells a sandwich called The Emperor. On a buttered brioche pun are placed two beef patties, shaved kielbasa chunks, onion, sauerkraut prepared with bacon, a fried egg, and special sauce.

TCF Bank Stadium 

When you see the Minnesota Vikings play, you can get something called The 40 for 60 Burger. It’s a take on legendary Vikings coach Joe Kapp’s football philosophy of “40 men playing together, as one, for 60 minutes.” The sandwich itself consists of a huge patty made with 40 percent bacon and 60 percent beef, topped with cheddar cheese, more bacon, fried onions, a fried eggs, and special sauce, served on pretzel bread.

Georgia Dome

The Game Changer is a game changer in that it dares to imagine macaroni and cheese as not a meal, but an ingredient. It’s one of the toppings on this sandwich served at Atlanta Falcons games that also includes pulled pork, cole slaw, bacon, and a couple of onion rings.

M&T Bank Stadium 

The Tailgater Burger stretches about as high as a van’s open tailgate. It’s a grass fed beef patty topped with American cheese, some bacon, a split kielbasa sausage, some onion rings, a few buffalo wings, and for some local flavor, Maryland crab dip.

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October 19, 2015 11:01 am

Joe Kapp played quarterback for the Vikings in their first Super Bowl. He went on to coach college football but never the Minnesota Vikings.

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