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A Few of the World’s Hardest Working Felines

October 12, 2015

Grumpy Cat may be a multimillionaire but these industrious kitties have to work harder for their kibble.

The Library Cats of Las Cruces

Hardest Working FelineThis city in New Mexico is the home of the Doña Ana County Government Center. All day long, its clerks and commissioners handle everything from noise complaints to issues involving Las Cruces’ facilities and parks. It’s a tough gig that’s made a bit easier by the cats that “work” on the ground floor. In 2012, the local country partnered with a local animal shelter on a project dubbed The Kitty Kondo. It’s housed inside the center’s library. In addition to borrowing books, employees can also borrow cats and take them back to their offices. While the center’s staff say that the cats have boosted morale and helped them deal with stress, the kitties get to acclimate to humans while they await adoption. To date, the Kitty Kondo has managed to find new homes for 100 cats.

The Cats of Kishi Station

Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, was facing closure in the early ‘00s. Ridership was declining and officials were on the prowl to save a few bucks by closing down various rail facilities. That’s when its management came up with a great idea: hiring a new mascot to promote the station. They brought Tama the Station Cat on board and, in no time flat, riders began changing their commutes just so they could catch a glimpse of the female calico. In exchange for her services, Tama was promoted to “Station Master” in 2007. Tama was such a hit that she was given her own office in an old ticket booth, along with a fancy litter boxAs her fame grew, the decision was made to renovate the station with a kitty theme. It now houses a gift shop and a Tama-themed café complete with cat-themed furniture and desserts. (Tama passed away this year but a successor named Nitama was hired in her place.)

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