Fake or Fact

Fake-or-Fact Friday: Drinking in Public Edition

October 16, 2015

Two of the following news stories about chain businesses allowing alcoholic drinks to be served on their premises are true. One of them is fake. Can you guess which of the three we made up? The answer is at the end of the post.


Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant that’s very familiar with its clientele: open well past midnight, many of its customers are looking for something to soak up all the alcohol in their systems. A Taco Bell in Chicago, however, is cutting out the middle step and has applied for a liquor license. The restaurant, located in the Wicker Park neighborhood, will serve an array of alcoholic drinks to serve alongside tacos and burritos. It’s even going to hire a bouncer to work on weekend nights.


Also in Chicago, a Target location is looking to be the first of the big-box chain to serve alcohol to customers. Most Targets already sell beer and wine, but this Target wants to be able to serve drinks so customers can consume them while walking around the store. Bonus: It’s going to serve small appetizer plates, too.


An IKEA in Detroit is taking a customer suggestion and running with it. A man was in the store last year and having such a miserable time trying to pick out furniture with his family that on the way out he suggested to management that they should “at least let him have a drink while he’s there.” They thought that was a pretty good idea, and this summer applied for a liquor license. The Detroit IKEA hopes to be serving wine and beer to customers by the time the Christmas shopping season begins.


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