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Your ‘Minions’ Weird News Roundup

October 20, 2015

Minions, the movie about the little, banana-like, gibberish-speaking creatures has now made $1 billion at the box office…and wreaked havoc around the world.


  • A child attempted to board a plane at the Dublin Airport in Ireland but was detained by security. Reason: They were carrying a large blue gun. The toy was confiscated and the child was allowed to take the flight, even though the gun was a Minions-branded toy gun. It had a big megaphone on the end of it, was painted bright blue, and when the trigger was pulled, played fart noises and emitted a whiff of banana odor. It was a Minions “Fart Blaster.”
  • Also in Ireland: A 40-foot-tall Minion balloon was erected north of Dublin in August to promote the release of Minions in Ireland. As the Minions in Minions are prone to start trouble and cause mischief, so too did the balloon. It broke loose from its station, quickly deflated, and then flew into a road, blocking three lanes of traffic during the morning commute.
  • In Colorado last July, a five-year-old Colorado Springs girl was playing in her bedroom with a stuffed Minions doll. As she was playing, she somehow, and accidentally, fell backward out of the window—a third-story apartment window. As she fell, she kept hold of her Minions doll, and when she landed, it cushioned her fall. She suffered no serious injuries, which doctors credit to the doll.
  • McDonald’s launched a line of talking Minions toys in July, sold as the prize in its Happy Meal for kids. All spoke as the movie Minions did, in gibberish. Except the Minion in caveman garb didn’t sound like he was speaking gibberish at all—more like profanity. A Florida grandfather planned to give the toy to his four-year-old granddaughter until he claims he heard it say the full sentence for which “WTF” is a safer abbreviation. McDonald’s denied that the toy purposely did anything untoward.

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