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3 Fast Food Video Games

November 18, 2015

Fast food franchises are a lot better at making greasy burgers than they are at making self-promoting video games.

fast food burger and fries

M.C. Kids (1992)

Instead of picking Ronald McDonald, their famous spokes-clown, to star in this part game/part ad for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the McDonald’s marketing department invented two child characters named Mick and Mack. In the game, the kids set out across the enchanted world of McDonaldLand to retrieve Ronald’s bag of magical tricks, which were stolen by the Hamburglar.

Tasty Temple Challenge (2000)

Taco Bell included this free computer game in its kids’ meals. Tasty Temple Challenge follows a treasure-seeking adventurer named Baja Bill as he explores an ancient ruin. While ducking mummies, bats, and other dangers, he gobbles up various Taco Bell menu items that help restore his health bar (even though Taco Bell isn’t exactly what comes to mind at the word “health”). To defeat his enemies, Baja Bill also squirts them with Taco Bell hot sauce that immediately sets them on fire and reduces them to piles of ash.

The King Games (2006)

Burger King’s mascot is The King, a silent, rubber-mask-wearing monarch. In 2006, the King appeared in a series of three video games for the Xbox 360. PocketBike Racer, Big Bumpin’, and Sneak King. Players controlled the King as he wandered around four different levels delighting various starving people with Burger King food. If they pass out from hunger before he gives them a Whopper or another BK menu item, points are lost. The three games received pretty bad reviews from gaming critics but it was hard to argue with their price. Each one sold for $3.99 with a food purchase. The average price of an Xbox 360 game back then? $60.

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