Angry Birds

November 30, 2015

Here are some awful avians and foul fowl that have made headlines recently.

Casuarius Bird

Cunning Cassowaries

The cassowary is widely considered the most dangerous bird on the planet. Native to New Guinea and Australia, cassowaries have super sharp claws and powerful legs. They can run at speeds of up to 31 mph and can jump nearly five feet. Oh, and they’re typically more than six feet tall. The flightless birds are so ill-tempered that American troops were warned avoid them while they were stationed in New Guinea during World War II. Despite their nasty reputation, cassowaries are only responsible for a single reported human fatality. In 1926, two boys foolishly attempted to attack one with some wooden clubs after it wandered onto their family’s property. The bird fought back and severed one of the kid’s jugular veins. He died shortly thereafter.

A Dangerous Duck

Barrie Hayman and Star, his beloved pet duck, are a regular sight in the taverns around Chulmleigh, U.K. Star happily drinks beer alongside his fellow barflies. Unfortunately, Star got a little too tipsy during a visit to The Old Courthouse Inn back in October. After downing a pint, the duck got into a brawl with a dog named Meggie. “Star pushed his luck too far,” Hayman later told reporters. “Meggie snapped – splitting Star’s bottom beak right down the middle.” He was worried that the duck’s drinking days were over but Star was expected to make a full recovery.

Crafty Crows and Problematic Pigeons

Gabi Mann became “internet famous” after she started feeding crows and pigeons around her neighborhood a few years ago. People thought the eight year-old Seattle resident’s new hobby was totally adorable, especially after her parents started sharing photos online of the “presents” the birds gave her in return. But Matt Ashbach and Christine Yokan, two of Gabi’s neighbors, weren’t so thrilled. They’re currently in the process of suing her family because they’re tired of gigantic flocks of birds roaming the neighborhood and pooping all over the place. In addition to comparing them to the birds in The Birds, they say that Gabi’s feathered friends are also attracting tons of rats. Ashbach and Yokan’s lawsuit claims that the birds have caused $200,000 in damages to their home, in addition to thousands more to other houses around the neighborhood.

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