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4 Short-Lived Awards Shows

December 29, 2015

There are lots of them, and a lot of them created just for TV, to get celebrities in one place and give them awards. Some last, these didn’t.

Gold Award

The Flixies (2013)

This gave awards to movies and TV shows available on Netflix, the streaming video service. Subscribers could vote in categories such as “Best Guilty Pleasure,” “Best Hangover Cure,” and “Best Tantrum Tamer.” (The winners of those, respectively, were The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, and The Muppet Movie.) Only a small percentage of Netflix users participated, and the 2013 Flixies were the first and last Flixies.

American Television Awards (1993)

After losing the rights to broadcast the Emmys to Fox, ABC created its own TV awards show. More than 400 entertainment reporters voted on the best in TV, and NBC dominated ABC’s show, winning nine of 21 awards, including Best Comedy for Seinfeld and Best Drama for I’ll Fly Away. No future iterations were held when ABC secured the rights to air the Emmys in the fall of 1993.

My VH1 Awards (2000-2001)

MTV spun off VH1 in 1984 as a place to show music videos aimed at older viewers. And in 2000, the sister channel came up with its own awards show, similar to MTV’s long-running Video Music Awards. The My VH1 Awards were one of the first major programs ever streamed online, and awards were given to soft rock bands like Creed, Bon Jovi, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Food Network Awards (2007)

MTV has its Video Music Awards, Nickelodeon has its Kids Choice Awards, and in 2007 the Food Network Awards were held exactly once. Reflecting the cable channel’s programming of cooking shows and food-based travelogues, awards included Funniest Food Festival, Best Ball Park Eats, and Most Delicious Destination.


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