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Strange December Holidays You Should Celebrate

December 2, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

December Holidays

Dec. 2: National Fritters Day

While there are “Doughnut Days” in both June and November, this one celebrates a very particular kind of doughnut: the fritter. It’s a piece of cake or dough deep-fried and stuffed with fruit or meats. Make sure you eat some fritters instead of, uh, “frittering” the day away. (Which we guess would mean you would eat fritters.)

Dec. 4: Wear Brown Shoes Day

Is this the weirdest of all weird holidays celebrating minor things? Possibly, although you would look pretty goofy if you were to wear black shoes with brown pants. So. Wear brown shoes today.

Dec. 7: National Cotton Candy Day

Ah, nothing like a big mound of cotton candy from the state fair in…December? Well, maybe it’s because it looks like snow. Anyway, enjoy your cotton candy (of if you’re from Australia, “fairy floss.”)

Dec. 21: National Flashlight Day

Are you in the dark about this one? Can we shed some light on it? It’s a day to celebrate portable artificial light, invented in 1898 by Joshua Lionel Cowen, the same person who invented Lionel model trains.

Dec. 24: National Chocolate Day

Around BRI headquarters, we call this day “everyday.”

Dec. 31: Make Up Your Mind Day

Of course, the last day of the year is a great time for the habitually indecisive or a procrastinator to finally make up their mind…

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