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Flying the Friendly Skies (When You’re Rich)

December 9, 2015

While seats are getting more cramped in economy class, modern air travel has become better than ever for those willing to shell out some extra dough.

First class sleeper cabin Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines Suites

First class passengers on Singapore Airlines can enjoy what is likely the fanciest cabin in the skies on the company’s A380 jets. They can choose between private compartments complete with a sliding door and comfy leather seats, or ones with a bed (and turn-down service). Each one contains a large LCD television and window blinds for privacy. Meals are prepared by chefs and come with bottles of wine that cost more than the seats in economy class.

The Los Angeles Suite

For many years, airports around the world have contained private lounges for first class passengers and others who belong to a particular airline’s membership club. These areas typically contain full service bars, automated massage chairs and private bathrooms. LAX’s upcoming Los Angeles Suite takes all this to a new level: for a mere $1,800 celebrities and wealthy people will enjoy a private, 43,000-square-foot terminal. It will feature a fancy lounge, catered meals, and separate security checkpoints. When their flight is ready to leave, an airport employee will pick up passengers at the terminal and drive them directly to their plane.

Virgin Airways’ First Class Suite

“Sleeper seats” are becoming increasingly common on many airplanes and some of the best ones can be found on certain Virgin Airways jets. Not only are the seats bigger than those you’ll find on competitor’s planes, certain overnight flights offer an exclusive space for those who plan on sleeping the entire time. In these areas, the flight attendants keep interruptions to a minimum and the lights are turned down low Virgin’s first class suites also include a lounge where less sleepy travelers can stretch their legs, enjoy a martini, and chat with the crew.

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