3 Crazy Food Trucks

January 14, 2016

Food carts are a great place for a good (and fairly cheap) meal. But they’re not all sandwiches and rice bowls.

Cereal from a Van

Cereal From a Van

You can find everything from burritos to obscure Czech dishes in food carts, so folks don’t typically go out of their way for a bowl of cereal. But they do for this food truck in Portland, Oregon. Cereal is sold out of the side door of a 1969 Dodge A108 nicknamed “Irwin the Van.” Cereal From a Van offers 50 different varieties of cereal. More than 500 people showed for the CFAV launch party, dressed in pajamas.


The meat industry is not as environmentally friendly as it could be. Cows required a lot of good and water and crank out tons of methane, for example. Could insects me the protein of the future? The owner of this Dutch food cart think so, with dishes made entirely out of bugs. One of Bugzz’s most popular offerings is bitterballen: worms and gravy formed into a ball, breaded, and deep-fried. Not interested? Now about some “Hopperzz”: grilled grasshoppers on wooden skewers.

The Spamerican Tour

Spam is a perpetual punchline, and a food source only when it’s an absolute must. To publicize its product (and dispel notions about the mystery meat), manufacturer Hormel has put a food truck on the road that serves dishes made from Spam. The truck completed a summer-long tour, serving elaborate dishes like Kimchi Spam Musubi Puffs and less elaborate ones like Hickory Smoked Spam.