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Backstage Demands of Political Figures

January 6, 2016

When rock bands and singers perform, promoters must fulfill a “rider,” or a list of backstage needs and wants. Politicians making appearances or campaign stops have them, too.

Business jet

Between his 2004 presidential bid and 2012 appointment to Secretary of State, John Kerry toured the lecture circuit. Promoters were given a length list of meal preferences for Kerry. For breakfast, he preferred strawberry or raspberry yogurt, plain Quaker oatmeal with brown sugar on the side, or pancakes and sausage “if someone is going to pick something up and bring it to him directly.” For his tour bus, Kerry request Vitamin Water, Balance protein bars, and Boost weight maintenance drinks.

Former Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore will deliver to your group a 75-minute “Environmental Multimedia Lecture” for the low price of just $100,000, not including travel expenses, hotel, and the cost of a security team. In addition, there is to be no press whatsoever, no taping of the event is allowed, and Gore will not honor any interview requests. (And while Gore will deliver his presentation with a Macbook laptop, the booker must provide the cables to hook it up to a projector.)

Sarah Palin does a lot of speaking engagements, but she lives all the way up in Alaska. Result: The booker must provide a Lear Jet to escort her to and from the Anchorage, Alaska, airport.

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