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10 Weird Polling Stations Around the Country

February 15, 2016

This is a major election year. It is your civic duty to vote. When you do, is it at a school or public building, or one of these more eccentric polling stations?
Ballot box with national flag

  • In one Los Angeles precinct, voters went to a swimming pool, with curtained booths set up just inches away from the shallow end.
  • That’s not even the weirdest one in L.A. One precinct conducts voting inside of a kids’ play area at a McDonald’s franchise.
  • Patrons of the Sue Nueva Laundromat in Chicago couldn’t get the chore done, as voting booths were blocking the dryers at this polling station.
  • On San Francisco’s famous Haight Street, the voting station is the lobby of a bed-and-breakfast.
  • The Gordies Fountation Barber School in Chicago teaches the Windy City’s future barbers, and also hosts voters on Election Day.
  • Across town, the waiting room of a used car dealership serves as a precinct for some voters.
  • If you live in Manhattan Beach, California…congratulations! Also, you had to vote at the lifeguard station, right next to the sand and surf.
  • The Frontier Harley-Davidson store in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, is the area’s top motorcycle dealer, as well as a polling place.
  • Varnville, South Carolina, has a population scarcely over 2,000 people, so there aren’t a lot of public places. That’s why resident Vincent Smith offers up his living room as a polling station. (In the also small Brunson, South Carolina, voters vote in a resident’s garage.)
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