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The Magic Kingdoms

February 8, 2016

Random facts about the happiest places on Earth: Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

  • Walt Disney hated seeing chewing gum on the ground, so he prohibited Disneyland and Disney World from selling it.
  • In fact, Disney didn’t want any garbage on the ground at all. So before Disneyland opened, he had planners study families at other parks. They found that if people had to walk more than 30 feet to find a trash can, they just threw the garbage on the ground. Result: you’re never more than 30 feet from a trash can in Disney parks.
  • About 21,000 people work at Disneyland; about 50,000 work at Disney World.
  • Number of visitors to Disney World per day in 1971: 10,000. Today: about 50,000.
  • Ever hear a Disney park employee say “Code V” into a walkie-talkie? They’re letting a cleanup crew know that a park guest has vomited.
  • Opening day adult admission at Disneyland in 1955: $1. At Disney World: $3.50 (1971). The rides cost extra. Today tickets are all-inclusive, and both parks charge the same admission: $99.


  • Average number of sunglasses turned in to Disney World’s lost and found every day: 200.
  • Mission Space, a space simulator at Disney World, requires more computing power than NASA needed to operate the space shuttle.

mission space

  • One of Disneyland’s earliest attractions (1956–60): the “Bathroom of the Future,” an exhibit sponsored by bathroom fixture manufacturer Crane Plumbing. It envisioned goldplated bathtubs and bidets.
  • Lots of kids have been to Disneyland, but three were actually born there.
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle displays a traditional family crest just above the drawbridge. That’s the Disney family crest.

Disneyworld Trivia and Facts

  • Only times Disneyland has shut down unexpectedly: the national day of mourning for President John F. Kennedy (1963), after the Northridge earthquake (1994), and on September 11, 2001.
  • The “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride at Disneyland contains a real human skull.

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