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You're Never Too Old…

March 21, 2016

Because age is just a number.
You are not too old

At age 76:

Min Bahadur Sherchan successfully climbed Mount Everest in 2008. He’s the oldest person ever to do it.

At age 83: thomas edison

Thomas Edison applied for his 1,093rd—and final—patent (1931). The invention: a holder for items being electroplated.

At age 84:

Eamon de Valera won a second term as Ireland’s president (1966), making him the oldest democratically elected head of state in history.

At age 86:

  • Doc Paskowitz, subject of the 2007 film Surfwise, still surfed every day.
  • Katherine Pelton swam the 200m butterfly in 3:01:14, beating the 85- to 89-year-old men’s record by more than 20 seconds (1992).

At age 87:

  • Mary Baker Eddy founded The Christian Science Monitor newspaper (1908).
  • Bob Hope entertained the troops, traveling with a USO show that went to Saudi Arabia in 1990 during Operation Desert Storm.

bob hope USO christmas tour

At age 88:

Michelangelo drew the architectural plans for Rome’s Santa Maria degli Angeli church (1563).

At age 89: Betty Whie 2010

Betty White won the 2010 Screen Actors Guild award for comedy actress (Hot in Cleveland)…a year after winning SAG’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

At age 90:

Painter Marc Chagall became the first living artist to be exhibited at Paris’s Louvre museum (1977).

At age 92:

Dr. Paul Spangler of San Luis Obispo, California, ran his 14th marathon.

At age 93:

P.G. Wodehouse wrote his 96th book in 1975, the same year he was knighted.

At age 95:

A retired union organizer named Bernard Herzberg earned a Master of Arts in Refugee Studies at the University of East London (2005).

At age 102:

Alice Pollock published her memoir Portrait of My Victorian Youth (1971). It was her first book.

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