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3 Epic April Fool’s Day Pranks

April 1, 2016

April Fool’s is a holiday to play harmless jokes on your friends. Here are some that weren’t so innocent.
April Fools Day
In 1998, Babil, an Iraqi newspaper ran a front page story announcing that the U.S. had lifted sanctions against Iraq, which could lead to all kinds of humanitarian aid pouring into the country. The headline on page two: “April Fools’! It is the beginning of spring. Many happy returns!” Babil, by the way, was owned by dictator Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday. (The paper repeated the prank in 2000.)
In 2004, a New York man named Randy Wood called his ex-wife and asked her to come over to see something. What she saw: Wood hanging from a noose on a tree in the front yard. The horrified woman called 911 and police and emergency crews arrived, only to find that Wood had staged it all (he was wearing a harness) as an April Fool’s Day joke. No joke: He was fined $1,000 for improper summoning of emergency services.
The heavy metal band Tool has sold millions of albums, but they haven’t released any music since 2006. Rumored to be recording an album in 2005, on April 1 of that year they posted a statement on their Facebook page reporting that a clip of their new material had been leaked. “We don’t encourage anyone to listen because it’s far from finished and it will spoil what’s to come.” And then they posted it anyway…which is clearly not a clip of their new album,.

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