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Weird April “Holidays” You Ought to Celebrate

April 4, 2016

April Fool’s isn’t the only bizarre holiday in April! All of these weird observances are real. (Really.)
Weird April Holidays
April 6: New Beers Eve
Just before Prohibition was repealed in the U.S., Congress showed a major tell: It passed the Cullen-Harrison Act, re-legalizing production of beer (so long as the beer was no more than 3.2 percent alcohol by weight). That act passed on April 7 making April 6…New Beers Eve. (Get it?)
April 20: Lima Bean Respect Day
Did you hate eating lima beans as a kid? Now that you’re an adult, you should probably eat them, or at least “respect” them, due to the fact that they’re rich in protein, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and iron.
April 29: National Hairball Awareness Day
It sounds like a joke, but hairballs are a serious problem if you’re a cat (or a cat owner). Proprietors of this holiday think it’s a purrrrrfect time to adopt new grooming techniques, such as more frequent brushing, to prevent your cat from coughing up hairballs.
April 30: Bugs Bunny Day
What’s up, doc? An early version of Bugs Bunny first appeared in the Warner Bros. cartoon short “Porky’s Hare Hunt.” It hit movie theaters on April 30, 1938.

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