22 Celebrities And Their First Jobs

April 8, 2016

Celebrities, politicians, and captains of industry had to start somewhere. Turns out they pretty much started out with the same lame jobs as the rest of us.
Celebrity First Jobs
Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, was a summer intern at Hewlett-Packard.
J. K. Rowling worked for Amnesty International.
Chris Rock was a busboy at a Red Lobster.
Martha Stewart worked at the New York Stock Exchange.
Jim Carrey got a job as a janitor at a tire factory when he was 15.
Michael Dell, founder of Dell computers, washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant.
Suze Orman, financial guru and author of The Road to Wealth, trimmed eucalyptus trees with a chainsaw.
Steve McQueen was a towel boy…in a brothel.
Johnny Depp was the lead singer of a Kiss tribute band.
Danny DeVito was a hairdresser at his sister’s salon.
Madeleine Albright worked at Jocelyn’s, a Denver department store. (She sold bras.)
Nancy Grace (CNN) worked at the candy counter at Sears.
Bill Murray worked at a chestnut stand.
Rush Limbaugh shined shoes.
Bill Gates was a page in the Washington state capitol building.
Michael Douglas pumped gas.
Margaret Thatcher (former British prime minister) was a research chemist for a company called British Xylonite.
Quentin Tarantino was an usher at an adult movie theater.
Michael Jordan was a bellman.
Duke Ellington was a peanut vendor at Washington Senators baseball games.
Walt Disney mashed apples in a jelly factory.
Stephen King was a high school janitor.
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