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Robots in the News

April 29, 2016

Until the day the robots rise up and take us over, stay alert by keeping aware of what they’re up to now.
Robotic News
Hong Kong-based robotics designer Ricky Ma just unveiled his latest creation: Mark 1, a life-size, humanoid robot. Oh, and it looks exactly like actress Scarlett Johansson. It took Ma 18 months and $50,000 to build the electronic ScarJo, most of which was done on a 3-D printer. The robot moves naturally, smiles, and winks. “She” can’t talk, but is programmed to respond to certain comments. If a person tells “her” she’s beautiful, for example, the corners of the robot’s mouth raise up into a coy smile.
Biomedical engineer and robot specialist Ortiz Catalan has introduced the most advanced and life-like robotic prosthesis yet. Outfitted onto a Swedish man named Max whose arm was amputated above the elbow in 2013, Catalan’s electrode-studded prosthetic connects into Max’s bones, nerves, and muscles. That means he controls the robotic arm with his brain. With the robotic appendage, Magnus is able to accomplish large tasks (like operate heavy machinery) as well as fine motor skill tasks (like handling an egg).
A new study by scientists at Stanford University found that while humans are still afraid of a robot apocalypse, many also find robots…attractive. In an experiment, humans were matched up with a two-foot-tall humanoid robot. The robot then instructed the volunteer to touch a part of its body, and would then state the medical term for that part. This was done 13 times on 13 parts. When the humans’ vital signs were studied during each set of instructions, scientists found that they elicited physiological responses consistent with arousal when told to touch the robot’s nether-regions.

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