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$pirit of ’76

May 16, 2016

How much did things cost in 1976?
In 1976 the United States celebrated its bicentennial. Here is a look at how much things cost 40 years ago!


Want to  watch a movie at home? There’s a new invention called a VCR that sells for a mere $1,600.


Rather attend the theater to see the year’s hottest flicks, like Rocky or Network? A movie ticket costs $2.25.


Average household income: $12,700.


New house: $48,000 (avocado Formica countertop extra).


Minimum wage: $2.30/hour.


A new Chrysler Cordoba (with “rich Corinthian leather”) will set you back $5,000.
1976 chrysler cordoba


Whether for use on the street or in the disco, a pair of new roller skates costs $5.


Average tuition at a private college: $2,500 per year.


Ticket to Super Bowl X: $20 (Steelers 21, Cowboys 17).


Alex Haley’s Roots is one of the bestselling novels of the year. A hardbound copy runs $12.50.


The year’s biggest albums are available on 8-track. Cost of the Eagles’ Hotel California or Peter Frampton’s Frampton Comes Alive!: $7.


Red meat is good for you. Get a cheeseburger at McDonald’s for 48¢.


Watch Farrah Fawcett on Charlie’s Angels with a $600, 24-inch color TV. (Or you could be like the five million others in 1976 who dropped $2.00 on her swimsuit poster.)


Average prices: First-class stamp 13¢; Gallon of gas: 59¢; Dozen eggs: 84¢; Loaf of bread: 30¢; Bananas (per pound): 13¢


Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford spent a combined $160 million on their presidential campaigns.
carter v ford


How much for a minivan, CD, Apple computer, SUV, or a cup of coffee at Starbucks? $0. They didn’t exist in 1976.

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Starbucks has been around since 1971 and the Apple 1 was invented in 76.

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