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Poker Lingo

May 19, 2016

Poker lingo
Ever watched rounders and fish splash the pot until they’re down to the felt? If so, you’ve seen some serious poker players. They have their own language, too. Ante up!
All in: Bet all your chips
Down to the felt: So broke all you see in front of you is the green felt of the poker table
Tapioca, or Tap City: Tapped out; out of money
Buy the pot: Make a bet so large that other players are unlikely to match it
Tap: Bet as much as your opponents have on hand, forcing them to bet everything
Catching cards: On a winning streak
Boat: A full house full house (boat)
Railroad bible: Deck of cards
Toke: The tip you give to the dealer
Splash the pot: Toss your chips into the pot, instead of just placing them there. It’s considered bad form because other players can’t see how much you’re actually betting
Rake: The house’s cut
Cowboys: Kings
Ladies: Queens
Rock: A very conservative player, someone who doesn’t take big chances
Paint: A face card
Trips: Three of a kind
Berry patch: A very easy game
Underdog: A weak hand that’s likely to lose
Rag: An upfacing card so low in value that it can’t affect the outcome of the hand Big slick (ace and king)
Big slick: A king and an ace in the hole
Alligator blood: A player who keeps his cool under pressure has alligator (cold) blood
Fish: A very bad poker player. They’re only in the game so that you can beat them out of their money
George: A fish
Wheel: The best hand in lowball poker—5, 4, 3, 2, A
Rounder: A professional poker player. A rounder makes his living parting fishes and georges from their money
Base deal: Dealing from the bottom of the deck
In the hole: In stud poker, the cards dealt facedown, so only you can see them
Bullets: Aces in the hole
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