MLB Trivia

6 Weird Baseball Records

June 13, 2016

Maybe one of these will fall this year.
MLB Trivia

Most strikeouts in a dome

This kind of record obviously favors modern-day pitchers, but Randy Johnson still has an overwhelming lead. He’s retired 2,279 batters in ballparks with roofs, more than the second- and third-place pitchers (Nolan Ryan’s 1,123 and Brad Radke’s 943) combined.

Most foul balls

In a game in 1940, Chicago White Sox shortstop Luke Appling hit 24 pitches into foul territory in a single plate appearance. He eventually managed to earn a walk.

Most double plays forced

Cal Ripken Jr. famously played in a record 2,632 straight games. During that time he also hit into 350 double plays, also a record.

Most home runs while striking out the least

Power hitters swing for the fences. That means the players with the big home run totals are also among the batters who strike out the most. Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, for example, hit 563 home runs in his career…while also striking out 2,597 times. That’s why Johnny Mize’s feat is so remarkable. For the New York Giants in 1947, he hit 51 home runs and struck out just 42 times. It’s the only occurrence of a player hitting more than 50 home runs but striking out less than 50 times.

Least involvement

Toby Harrah of the Texas Rangers played shortstop in two games of a double header in June 1976. Amazingly, in 18 innings of infield play, he didn’t touch the ball a single time. This level of inactivity has never happened before or since.

Most times caught stealing in a game

The San Francisco Giants’ rookie Robby Thompson really wanted to make a name for himself as a base stealer in 1986. In the 149 games he played that season, he stole 12 bases…and was caught 15 times. Amazingly, in one June 1986 game he tried to steal a base four times. He got thrown out all four times.