Early to Rise

July 13, 2016

Because age is just a number: the youth and their accomplishments.
Early to rise: facts about child prodigies.

At age 1

Future jazz great Buddy Rich started drumming professionally as part of his parents’ vaudeville act.

At age 3

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart learned to play his first instrument, the harpsichord.

At age 5

Future rock star Tori Amos was accepted to the Peabody Academy of Music in Baltimore, its youngest student ever.

At age 6

Shirley Temple became Hollywood’s top box-office star. (She remained at #1 until she was 9.)

At age 8

Tiger Woods won the Optimist International Junior World title, his first international golf tournament.

At age 10

Future Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget published his first scientific article. It was based on observations he’d made of a sparrow.

At age 11

Franz Liszt gave his first piano recital.

At age 12

A Ukrainian boy named Sergey Karjakin became the world’s youngest chess grandmaster.

At age 13

Mario Andretti started racing cars.

At age 14

“Buffalo” Bill Cody became a rider for the Pony Express.

At age 15

Mia Hamm joined the women’s U.S. National Soccer team.

At age 15

After hearing what she believed to be the voice of God telling her to lead France in war, Joan of Arc convinced the Dauphin of France to let her lead the armies against England in the 100 Years War.

At age 19

Jane Austen wrote Sense and Sensibility.

At age 20

Leif Ericson led a crew of 35 Vikings to what is now Newfoundland, where he established the first European colony in North America around the year 1000.

At age 23

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire in history.
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