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Bathroom Time Killers

August 19, 2016

Don’t have any plans this weekend? Fear not! We have lots of fun games for you to play…in the Throne Room!
Bathroom Sports and Games

Toilet Tenpin

What You Need: Ten golf tees, or other objects that can serve as bowling pins, and a few rubber bands to serve as bowling balls. Set the golf tees up in a triangle like bowling pins as far from the toilet as you can while still having them within reach—that way you can set them up over and over again and bowl as long as you want.
How to Play: Have you ever shot a rubber band like a gun? Make your hand into a pistol—curl your pinkie around the rubber band, then stretch the rubber band around the back of your thumb and over the tip of your index finger. Hold the pistol square in the center of your chest, lean back as far as you can, and when you’re ready to shoot, release your pinkie. Aim for the pins—try to knock them all down.

Trash Can Frisbee

What You Need: A wastepaper basket and some paper plates. If the wastepaper basket isn’t big enough to hold the paper plates, use a cardboard box or a paper shopping bag. Place the basket on the bathroom floor as far from the toilet as you can.
How to Play: Fling the paper plates like Frisbees—see if you can throw them into the wastepaper basket. For a bigger challenge, try to ricochet them off a wall into the basket.

Bathroom Darts

What You Need: A pie tin, a saucer, a small glass, and small objects you can throw. (Coins or caps from discarded toothpaste tubes work well.)
How to Play: Put the glass in the center of the saucer, and put the saucer in the center of the pie tin. Set them all down on the bathroom floor a few feet from the toilet. That’s your “dartboard.”
Toss the coins (“darts”) at your target—if they land in the glass, you get 10 points; if they land in the saucer, you get 5; if they land in the pie tin, you get 1. If you score too well, move the target farther away to make it more challenging.

Bathroom Blow Gun

What You Need: A soda straw, some wooden matches, and a hat.
How to Play: Turn the hat upside down and place it on the bathroom floor a good distance away from the toilet. Put a match in the straw, hold the straw up to your mouth, and blow. Try to shoot all the matches into the hat.

Fun With a Funnel

What You Need: A rubber ball and a funnel. The funnel needs to be big enough to hold the ball.
How to Play: Hold the pointy end of the funnel. Bounce the ball off the wall opposite the toilet and try to catch it in the funnel on the rebound.

Bathroom Bouncy Ball

What You Need: An egg carton and some Ping-Pong balls.
How to Play: Write different point values in each of the 12 cups of the egg carton, then place it on the bathroom floor a few feet from the toilet. Try to bounce the Ping-Pong balls into the egg carton. Start with one bounce, then, as your skills improve, move the carton farther away and bounce the balls twice before they go into the cups. Add up the values for your scores.

Bathroom Broken Neck Preventer

What You Need: All the stuff you just spread out all over the bathroom floor to play all these games we just taught you.
How to Play: Pick all that stuff up off the bathroom floor— before somebody gets killed!
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Sports Spectacular

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