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The Only Dog Breed in the World That…

August 30, 2016

Of course, every dog is special—especially yours. But the following dog breeds are truly one of a kind.

Has a Nose That Can be Used in Court

Bloodhounds, of course. They’re so good at following a scent—either to people or pieces of evidence—that whatever they find is admissible in criminal cases throughout the United States.

Doesn’t Bark

The Basenji can whine, chatter, and make a sound very similar to yodeling, but it cannot bark.

Has a Split Nose

The rare Turkish breed called the Catalburun looks like a basset hound, only bigger. Also differentiating it from other dogs: It’s the only one with a split nose. It’s halved right down the middle, with one nostril on each half.

Doesn’t Have a Pink Tongue

The fluffy, squishy-based Chow Chow originated in China. It’s the only dog in the world that doesn’t have pink lips and a pink tongue. Instead, it’s more of a purple shade.

Originated in Texas

The Blue Lacy was bred in the mid-19th century by Texas brothers George, Ewin, Harry, and Frank Lacy. (It’s a mix of greyhound, scenthound, and coyote.) It was bred to be a good ranch dog, and was made the official state dog of Texas in 2005.

Is Named After a Fictional Character

The breed that is. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a small white terrier resembling a Scottie dog, but with the addition of a ball of hair on top of the head. They’re rare and bred mostly in the U.K. The name comes from Sir Walter Scott’s 1815 adventure novel Guy Mannering. The book has a character named Dandie Dinmont, based on a real-life individual named James Davidson, who created the breed.


Dogs have a lot of ways to show that they’re excited. Some bark, some jump all around, and some drool more than usual. The pointy-earned, Malta-originated Pharaoh Hound is the only dog whose faces get a little red.

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