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Strange Superstitions

August 3, 2016

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly believe these old superstitions, but then some people actually doubt the existence of the Great Flooplenocker, so go figure.
Strange Superstitions

  • A newborn’s first sneeze is lucky. Before the sneeze, the baby is under the influence of bad fairies, and the newborn who does not sneeze may become a warlock or witch.
  • Is she really a witch? Drive a nail into her footprint. If she returns to pull it out, she’s a witch.
  • Dropping an umbrella on the floor means there will be a murder in the house.
  • To remove a birthmark, rub it with a duck’s foot. (No word on whether it should be attached to the duck.)
  • Don’t throw out hair trimmings. If a bird uses your hair for a nest, you’ll be prone to constant headaches.
  • Your best chance of recovering from being struck by lightning is to be buried up to your neck in the ground.
  • Carrying St. John’s wort keeps the devil from coming any closer than nine steps away from you.
  • The pains of childbirth can be lessened by untying all knots in a house and unbraiding the woman’s hair.
  • To cure a headache, rub your fingers under your arms really hard and then smell them.
  • To be successful in all you do, carry a bat’s heart with you at all times.
  • Break the shell of a boiled egg after eating it to keep witches from traveling in it.
  • A girl who eats chicken gizzards will have big breasts.
  • To avoid bad luck after seeing an ambulance, pinch your nose until you see a black or brown dog.
  • A mole on the buttocks foretells death by hanging.
  • Swallowing young frogs whole will cure cancer.
  • If you leave the house wearing a fern, you’ll lose your way and snakes will follow you.
  • Knives stay sharp longer once they have “tasted” their owner’s blood.

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