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Halle Berry Gets Hurt a Lot

September 2, 2016

Accidents can happen at work, even on movie sets. Or, if you’re Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry, especially on movie sets. The actress has incurred a remarkable number of (thankfully) minor injuries during the filmmaking process.
Halle Berry

Die Another Day

Berry portrayed Jinx, an NSA agent in this 2002 James Bond movie. While filming an action sequence, the smoke from a prop grenade flew into her eye. Along with it came a bunch of dirt and debris. Berry required a 30-minute eye operation to undue the damage of the freak accident.


A scene in this 2003 psychological thriller called for Robert Downey, Jr.’s character to restraint an unhinged Berry. Downey got a bit too far into character and twisted Berry’s arm. He finally stopped when he heard something pop. Sure enough, Downey broke her arm. Production on Gothika was delayed for eight weeks so Berry’s arm could heal.


While filming a stunt sequence on the 2004 Batman spinoff, a piece from a lighting rig came lose and fell…and hit Berry on the head. She fell to the ground and walked off set. Berry went to a hospital, where she was examined and doctors discovered that somehow she hadn’t suffered a concussion. (She took a couple of days off before going back to the Catwoman set.)

The Hive

In July 2012, Berry was in Los Angeles filming a fight sequence for this drama. Then she fell and hit her head on concrete. She was rushed to an emergency room and made a full recovery.

The Call

A very similar thing happened to Berry a year later on the set of The Call. While filming a fight scene, actor Michael Eklund, accidentally dropped Berry on the ground, and her head did the concrete. She was briefly knocked unconscious, and was back at work the next day.

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